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From the Range to the Course

How do I take my good shots on the range to the course? This has always been one of the top mysteries in golf! You seem to hit it better on the range than on the golf course as a whole. The main reason as I see it is that the two are polar opposite unless you know how...

The Challenge of Improving

In order to improve in any motor skill, which golf is unless you are very gifted, an understanding of the process is helpful. Below is a proven process to to get better at anything involving motor skill development. • Believing you can learn is the most important...

I Want To Get Better!

What golfer does not want to see improvement at some level? The obvious answer is we all do! So how do we truly do this? Hopefully after digesting the following information you will have an idea or plan that will possibly make 2016 your best year ever! The first thing...

Let’s Talk Putting

When a student comes to me to improve his/her putting I first ask a few questions to try and figure out their mindset and then do an evaluation. The evaluation is very simple based on the concepts of read, feed and speed. We must first analyze the correct line. We...

Striving to Improve

I have always been fascinated by what separates the achievers at every level of this game or any sport or chosen profession. Let’s ace it in any area whether it is sports or any other occupation some happen to have a knack for it or simply learn faster than others. I...

Turning Bogies Into Pars…Or Better

“Keeping it real” as they say now days, as we get ready for 2017 and looking into ways to get to your next level of improving your game, is what I consider the most overlooked area for most golfers. In my opinion the better players embrace getting closer to the hole...

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